Powder Coated Aluminium Window Frame Restoration

powder coated aluminium window frame

Powder Coated Aluminium Window Frame Restoration

Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd have become an approved installer of the unique faded powder coated aluminium window frame colour restorer manufactured by Purple Rhino the Three Step System.

Often people and business see that their Powder Doated Aluminium Window Frame have faded over a period of time and now they look dull and worn out. Replacement is an expensive option and money can be saved by applying the Purple Rhino three step system to restore the window frame back to its original colour without repainting. – powder coated aluminium window frame –

When the powder coated aluminium window frames are chalky to the touch, the frames have suffered UV damage. Our step 1 product will remove the damaged top layer fully restoring the original colour. Our step two and step three products will apply a hydrophobic coating which is UV resistant which will protect the frames from long term damage.

You can see in this image the difference when the Purple Rhino three step system has been applied to the faded aluminium window frames. – powder coated aluminium window frame –

Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd can restore faded aluminium window frames to offices, hotels and many more types of buildings around Chichester, Bognor Regis, Brighton,West Sussex, Hampshire, London and areas in between and nearby.

The three step system also restores faded cladding – plastic coated aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel, it can remove rust marks which have appeared on your stainless steel balconies, bollards, canopies and other items.

Used on glass the three step system will provide you with a long lasting clean window without the need of using a window cleaner.

You can watch an aluminium window frame restoration video here Aluminium Window Frame Restoration – powder coated aluminium window frame –

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