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Exterior Cleaning Services

[service style=’4′ title=’Pressure Washing’ icon=” link=’’ ]Your surfaces deserve the very best Pressure Washing treatment to ensure they look good and are not damaged during the jet washing process. Whatever type of exterior surface we have lots of relevant experience. Using both high and low pressure equipment will ensure you receive a professional service from us and with over ten years experience you will be…[/service]

[service style=’4′ title=’Render Cleaning’ icon=” link=’’ ]If you need render cleaning services on your properties exterior surfaces call to book an appointment today 01243 263041. Whatever type of staining you have on the through colour render on your house, apartment block or commercial building, rest assured it can be cleaned by…[/service]

[service style=’4′ title=’Conservatory Valeting’ icon=” link=’’ ]Your once beautiful conservatory will become dull and faded over time due to infrequent cleaning and perhaps harsh window cleaning techniques and the sun’s harmful UV…[/service]

[service style=’4′ title=’Gutter Cleaning’ icon=’ link=’’ ]* Do you need gutter cleaning services for your home or business property? * Are they full, overflowing or leaking? * If you require a free quotation today please call us on 01243 263041 Your property, whatever its location will require gutter cleaning at some point. Ideally, you should consider having your gutters cleaned on an annual cycle at…[/service]

[service style=’4′ title=’Window frame colour restoration’ icon=” link=’’ ]Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd have become an approved installer of the unique faded powder coated aluminium window frame colour restorer manufactured by Purple Rhino the Three Step System. Often people and business see that their Powder Doated Aluminium Window Frame have faded over a period of time and[/service]

[service style=’4′ title=’Cladding Restoration’ icon=” link=’’ ]If the cladding on your warehouse or office building is worn out and faded and you want the original colour restoring then our cladding restoration services are what you need. Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance Ltd have become approved users of…[/service]