Render Cleaning Horley

Render Cleaning Horley

Our Render Cleaning Teams Understand The Different Types of Render & How To Clean It – Safely

  • K-Rend Render
  • Monocouche Render
  • Sto Render
  • Parex Render
  • Lime Render
  • Sand & Cement Render

Different Cleaning Methods Used

  • Softwashing
  • Low Pressure Steam Cleaning


  • Softwashing Carbon Fibre Telescopic Poles
  • Scaffold
  • Access Platform (MEWP)

Your Properties Render in Horley can be cleaned within one day.

Do you want your modern rendered home in Horley to look like brand new?

Black, Green and red stains can be safely removed to ensure your property retains its street cred. Ideal if you are selling!

Organic matter such as Cyanobacteria eat their way into the very pores of the render, breaking it down and eventually causing it to crack.

You need a professional Softwashing company & NOT a pressure washing company to carry out your properties render cleaning requirements.

Properties in Horley can be made to look like brand new, simply by calling Purple Rhino Exterior Building Cleaning  on 01243263041 or fill in the form on our Contact Us page.