30th November 2016

Property FOR SALE but NOT Selling?

Exterior Home Makeover

Looking for Exterior Home Makeover services, then you are in the right place!

You are not alone, thousands of rendered properties are slow to sell because they have green, red or black mould growing on them!

Would you buy such a property, of course not. Imagine when your property was new, you would have simply walked away if it was covered in mould and Algae.

That is what your prospective buyers are doing right now – Walking Away!

Having a property makeover outside is more important than the inside as the outside is the first thing buyers see. First impressions count and people are looking for kerb appeal with the WOW factor. After all they will want to show their family and friends the property they are going to move into.

Why is it so important to have clean render?

  • If you see green mould growing outside you may wonder what the place is like inside – Result is – Move onto the next one!
  • If you see organic matter in green, red, black or blue you will SEE A POTENTIAL PROBLEM which will equal NO SALE TODAY!
  • When you have the exterior surfaces of your property professionally softwashed the render will look BRAND NEW and give the impression of a SMART WELL LOOKED AFTER HOME – that’s why you bought it in the first place.
  • A beautiful looking home which has undergone a thorough render cleaning service WILL SELL FASTER THAN A SIMILAR PROPERTY which is dirty and mouldy. It will also give you the ability to CHARGE PREMIUM PRICING!

Call us TODAY to discuss our render cleaning services which will make you a proud owner and seller on 01243263041 Having an Exterior Home Makeover will help you sell your property easier and quicker.

We can also remove mosses and Lichens from any type of roof surface, making your roof look like new.

Driveways, patios and pathways when cleaned and re-sanded will give potential buyers the EXTRA wow factor when considering a property purchase especially after looking at more than one new home.

UPVC window frames and doors can be restored to their former glory, windows should be cleaned too.

Leaking & Dripping Gutters should be cleaned out and washed, nothing worse than a leaky PROBLEM!

Also if your home has a conservatory why not consider having it professionally valeted, this will give the impression that it is brand new rather than something which may need pulling down and replaced for new.

There is so much competition out there when selling your home, you should consider making as much profit as possible from the potential sale by having an Exterior Home Makeover service. After all your investment is all about making as much money as possible to put towards your next home.

Call us Today and get your home SOLD

Exterior Home Makeover

Properties which don’t sell will benefit from an exterior home makeover service. Render Cleaning is a MUST



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