Patio Cleaning Chichester

Patio Cleaning Chichester

Patio Cleaning Chichester Case Study

We love cleaning local patios in Chichester, this is our speciality. 24/7 day and night, it dosen’t matter, we love it! But not all the patios are the same, some customers have sandstone, others concrete slabs and others bricks. Different types of patio require a different approach when cleaning. You don’t just want to have your patio cleaned, you want your patio to be clean and undamaged.
Well, this requires some knowledge and experience. Cheap prices from different cleaning companies might put a smile on your face in the first place… but it will make you cry after they “finish”. You must be sure that the person hired knows what is doing. Most common method of cleaning the patio is by pressure washing it. But the pressure will destroy your patio if it is e.g. sandstone. You will need a steam cleaning method.

Luke, from Chichester, contacted us regarding his patio cleaning Chichester block paving. Block paving patios are usually cleaned with an industrial pressure washer. But his patio was made of a different type of material. A very soft rubbery surface, a very rare method of paving a driveway. He told us it cost a bit more than having a regular block paving but he covered it with a rubbery substrate for his kids’ safety. It is not slippery and if you do land on it, it is softer.

Patio Cleaning Chichester

We did experience this kind of request with another customer we had in the past. That customer did not know why his patio is different because he’s bought the property that way. However, we knew and we applied the right technique.

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