Conservatory Valeting Chichester

Conservatory Valeting chichester Case StudyExterior Cleaning and Maintenance has been contacted by Mr Lomborne because he was looking for a reputable Local Conservatory Valeting in Chichester that provides guaranteed results and professional approach. After a good research on Checkatrade and our own website, because, as he said “I didn’t want to hire troublemakers” he decides to give us a call.
At the end of the 24/7 open land line was Lucy who gladly books the request for the next working day – Conservatory Valeting.
The conservatory is in need of a valeting service as the trees, birds and spider webs make it look very dirty on the outside which then makes the inside feel darker.

A Conservatory Valeting Service Includes:

  1. Remove all dirt, grime, mosses and moulds from glass, frames, crestings and finials.
  2. Clean out all guttering and fit leaf guards to prevent blockages occurring in the future.
  3. Coat all glass, plastic & metal surfaces with the Purple Rhino Three Step System to restore & protect them .
  4. Rejuvenate all lead flashing using quality patination oils and restorers which will slow down oxidisation.
  5. Lubricate and clean all door and window hinges, handles and locks.

This can be arranged at 01243 263041 or by filling up the contact form – Conservatory Valeting Chichester.

Green Algae, birds poop, thick dust and spider webs are covering the conservatory but one day later, the same conservatory will look like new again. This is due to the professional team they hired, the right techniques and the right cleaning supplies that have been used.

Each customer receives a Satisfaction Sheet at the end of each job we perform. Here’s what Mr Rob told us while filling in his form.

“I was impressed with the excellent reviews Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance has on Checkatrade and I knew that the reviews cannot be fake. I didn’t want to hire troublemakers. I once hired someone who promised me the lowest price in town. They were troublemakers, it had ended up costing me twice the money because they had done half the job and ran. I am glad I got to know about Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance as the Conservatory Cleaning Service is a very good deal on the long run. My son is no longer afraid to play in the back garden. He used to be afraid playing there because of the spiders crawling up and down. I also want to say thank you to Jesse because he was such a gentleman. Even though the team waited almost 20 minutes before they could get in, their attitude was very professional and made us feel confident that we hired the best Conservatory Valeting team. I am now planning to clean the gutters of my entire house using your gutter cleaning service. Thank you once again, we do need Exterior Cleaning Companies like you here in Chichester.”
If you would like to be a happy customer like Mr Rob is now, contact us at 01243 263041 and book your free quotation and appointment.

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